Understanding the documents required for Import and Export 

Live Session with – Madhuri Barad (Logistics Operations ,Vdezi)

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18th Februry 2020

2:30 pm to 3:00 pm

About This Webinar

Crossborder logistics operations i.e., Import and Export are often confusing due to the myriad of documents and compliance requirements. Too often importers and exporters take the plunge without a complete understanding of the import-export process. Unfortunately, you can make many errors that could result in penalties for you.

In this webinar, you will learn the key compliance elements of importing, classification, valuation, country of origin duty payment and record keeping. Learn also how to decipher those cryptic forms you have to deal with.

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Speaker: Madhuri Barad| Global Marketplace Operations & End-to-End Logistics Operations 

Key Takeaways:

10 key documents you should know about
Understanding category-specific documents required for import and export
How to obtain the necessary documents for import and export
Understanding the difference between restricted and Prohibited products
Understanding HSN codes, product classification and calculation of duties and taxes

How Vdezi can support you in your endeavour to manage your logistics operations End to End

That’s not all! You can directly interact with our experts live and get to know more about Import and Export Shipping.

Who must join?

• Existing sellers using Vdezi platforms
• Curious online sellers who want to learn about Import Export documents
• Ecommerce sellers looking for Import and Export Management Solutions
• New sellers looking for shipping solutions

Join this interactive conversation with Madhuri, Logistics Operations at Vdezi, to get live answers to your most pressing questions about your logistics in our “Live Interactive Session” webinar

About Madhuri Barad

Madhuri is a leading expert in logistics management, order management and marketplace operations with 3+ years of global experience in the industry. She is deeply passionate about cross border e-commerce, marketplace operations, logistics & Supply chain Management. Her areas of specialization include Exports Management & Import management, global marketplace operations & End-to-End Logistics Operations Management.