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Vdezi : A Leading Crossborder E-commerce Enabler

Vdezi is the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence powered Ecommerce enabler helping SMEs expand operations in over 18 marketplaces across 84 countries in one single platform.

Our superior end-to-end support for Catalog, Inventory, Pricing & Orders, Logistics and Payment Reconciliation management totally automates your business and doubles your profit while reducing your costs by 60%

Multi-channel, Retail, E-commerce, Logistics, Payment, Global Markets


Access Ecommerce marketplaces from around the world. Let our AI Help you become a top seller.


Automate and integrate cataloging, orders, inventory, warehouse management, points of sales. The power of technology work for you.


Seamlessly scale across all major marketplaces. In a complicated world, we make it easy.

The Versatile Ecommerce Enabler

The only Artificial Intelligence Platform in the world that works across all Ecommerce Marketplaces.

Amazon’s AI works for Amazon. eBay’s AI works for eBay. Vdezi’s AI works for you.

Platform Features

Multi Channel Order Management

Vdezi’s order management system has all that you will ever need for easy single click order fulfilment, end to end tracking, multiple shipping options per channel, unlimited number of warehousing options across multiple marketplaces and tracking system to reduce errors and losses and increase profits in one single platform.

Inventory Management

Vdezi’s integrated inventory management system gives a complete picture of your inventory. Plan your inventory and manage your stock and never run out using our end to end inventory management tool.

Smart Logistics at Your Fingertips

Vdezi uses Smart Logic to define best logistic partners for every product and reduces the product landing price by 33%

Real Time Data Driven Business Insights

Vdezi uses AI & ML to provide actionable insight for merchants to stay ahead of their competitors and assist in predicting sales of every product.

Track Marketplace Payments

Vdezi Payment Reconciliation helps identify incorrectly charged commissions and reconcile overcharged shipping fees, thereby increasing efficiency and driving cost savings

Automated Catalog Listing

Vdezi’s Catalog Listing automates your product listings across multiple Marketplaces in one single template

Sales Performance Reports & Analytics

Vdezi Report & Analytics provides superior data driven business reports to improve your Sales performance

Intelligent Pricing Engine

Vdezi’s Pricing Engine helps Sellers identify the best prices for products in every market by automatically taking all costs into account and giving you an edge over the competition

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Client Testimonials

" Jewels are an integral part of a person's life. Solving all the cross-border e-commerce related snafu, Vdezi has given me the right platform to sell my product globally Vdezi has given me the right platform to sell my product globally "
Bhautik Bodara
Owner, Nakshu Jewels
" High quality service, GUARANTEED!
Vdezi, is the way to turn to if you want to see your business boom. Kudos to the professionalism with which they’ve handled things right from scratch "

Ripin Khatroja
Owner, RCK Enterprise
" Vdezihas been unbelievably helpful to me, I extend my heartfelt gratitude towards them. They've helped me upscale my business and find new business ventures. Thanks to them, I now have established my teakwood leather business globally "
Vishal Singla
Owner, Teakwood Leather



Shortlisted as one of the Top 5 Products in NASSCOM Product Enclave, 2019

World Economic Forum

Selected at the World Economic Forum 2018, Tianjin, China

Global Entrepreneurship

Showcased in Global Entrepreneurship Summit, 2017