What the Lockdown means for businesses

Reading time: 3 min 28 sec Vdezi is offering a perfect end to end automation and management platform Free for 30 days with access to 100+ countries, 25+ marketplaces & 25+ shipping & warehousing partners. This is an exclusive offer for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and an opportunity to integrate their business with…
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The Impact of Coronavirus On The Global Economy

Reading time: 5 min 52 sec | “Although the outbreak comes under control in most parts of the world by late in Q2, the self-reinforcing dynamics of a recession kick in and prolong the slump until the end of Q3. Consumers stay home, businesses lose revenue and lay off workers, and unemployment levels rise sharply.…
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Warehouse Tech

Warehousing Tech Revolution

Reading time: 4 min 41 sec | In fifty years warehouses will become more automated with sensors to monitor conditions, communication between machines, with ‘integrated analytics and machine learning capabilities’ robots will respond more efficiently, while managers and owners will monitor the entire process without being physically present at the site. Automated warehousing will help…
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National ecommerce policy

The National Ecommerce Policy – Bane or Boon?

Reading time: 3 Min 35 Sec | Many of the industry giants, independent policymakers and associations have however expressed concerns over it because they feel that some areas are grey and ambiguous and seem to be more of an internet policy rather than an ecommerce policy. The ecommerce business in India is worth more than…
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Can India step in to fill the void left by an ailing China?

Reading time: 4 min 16 sec | As Darwin theorized, those who survive “are not the strongest or the most intelligent, but the most adaptable to change.” Let us act decisively as circumstances change and demonstrate the leadership our country needs during this stressful time. The coronavirus, set to take epidemic proportion in China, is…
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smart shipping solutions

Smart Shipping Solutions for your Business to do Better

Reading time: 3 min 34 sec Automated shipping reduces effort, errors, costs and increases performance, can track orders effectively, improve shipping quality and process bulk orders with the click of a button by effecting fulfillment from the warehouse or store nearest to the customer. Logistics are an important component of the strategy for any ecommerce…
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counterfeit / fake products in ecommerce

Countering the Counterfeit Problem in Ecommerce

Reading time: 3 min 23 sec | A global effort is required at this moment to combat the same through anti-counterfeiting trade agreements and blocking of fake websites, sellers and fraudulent digital advertisements and piracy in general of goods sold online. It is indeed necessary to be sure that the goods we are buying online…
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software for ecommerce sellers

Software for every Ecommerce Seller

Reading time: 4min 19sec | By using the right software, an ecommerce seller can manage the technical parts of hosting a store, can have a commanding multichannel presence and sell on marketplaces as well as social media, have a mobile app, customizable check out options, set up email alerts for customers, get in-depth analysis and…
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Coronavirus, COVID-19

The Effect of Coronavirus on Cross Border Trade

Reading Time: 4min 35sec | Many of the large companies of China are seeking loans to survive the impact of the coronavirus and Investment Bank Nomura’s analysts feel that the virus has indeed had “a devastating impact” on the economy and ‘appear to be significantly underestimating the extent of disruption’… indeed a worrisome scenario for…
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product reviews

The Importance of Product Reviews

Reading time: 4min 5sec | Industry stalwarts at Vdezi feel that a seller needs to ask himself how well prepared he is to handle customer reviews which are an integral part of any ecommerce business and provide actionable insights to bolster growth. It is an ongoing process of any online business to implement incremental changes.…
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