Top Marketing Automation Trends 2020

5 Marketing Automation trends to stay in 2020

Learn about the 5 Marketing Automation trends which will stay in 2020. Stay ahead of competition.

amazon is winning

Why Amazon Will Keep Winning

Amazon has never stopped growing nor is it likely to stop. The growth trend has always been upward and in comparison to other e-commerce platforms Amazon had seen a phenomenal rate of growth over the years and it shows consistent promise of continuing that way and any nay-sayer of it have many a time been…
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Untapped Cross border Opportunities for Domestic Sellers to go Global

Untapped Cross border Opportunities for Domestic Sellers to go Global Cross border sales offer ample opportunity for domestic sellers to go Global. India has been steadily gaining prominence in the world market and it is time to seize the opportunity to sell on cross border e- commerce platforms.   E-Commerce is said to be growing…
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How to sell successfully on Lazada – seated in India

“It’s time to go where your buyers live: online. If you pride yourself, on being where your buyers are, why aren’t you online yet?”……and where might that be?  Your answer lies in going global through Lazada.  Lazada, the top eCommerce website of South East Asia beckons you. Why become a part of this giant cross…
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Eunimart – truly pioneering CrossBorder Ecommerce

It all started in May 2016 with Eunimart getting incorporated in Singapore, and setting up headquarters in Hyderabad (India) as a facilitator of B2C Cross Border Ecommerce. We enable sellers to come onboard our platform, leverage the experience  of our managed services team, engage with the 16 marketplaces we are integrated with and sell across…
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Online selling game mind hunters

Today Ecommerce market is flourishing across the world. Global ecommerce sales are set to rise 246.15% by 2021, from 1.3-trillion in 2014 to 4.5-trillion in 2021 as per the 2018 Statista report. Offline retailers are investing huge capital to penetrate the business of online players such as Amazon and Alibaba. If we focus on the…
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E-commerce problems and what Blockchain can do

In the early years of e-commerce, the proverbial “analyst consensus” was that the sector would eat the world and change lives in incommensurate ways. While the first assertion is true, e-commerce hasn’t “delivered the goods” on the second, at least not yet: e-commerce is not truly global, not really inclusive and mostly focused on delivering…
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Blockchain in Ecommerce

The word Blockchain has come into being after the world heard the term ‘Bitcoin’. Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin. Blockchain is a distributed ledger of transactions where nodes (computers on a network) store all transactions and it is practically impossible to falsify transactions that are already distributed across all the nodes. We will not…
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9 Common mistakes when selling across borders

Doing something for the first time is never easy. You are bound to make mistakes, but, the smartest – they learn from other’s mistakes. Unfortunately, many merchants still make simple, yet critical mistakes that hinder the growth of their business when launching internationally. Below are 9 common mistakes that merchants make when engaging in cross…
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Comparison of Amazon Prime Sale and Alibaba 11/11 Sale

As per the report of forbes, These two extravaganzas are not just carbon copies; each has its distinctive architecture and strategy, reflecting differences in both the two markets they serve as well as in the two companies. Similarities between the two: Scale: Each event is a large-scale shopping holiday built around high volume, deep discounts…
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