counterfeit / fake products in ecommerce

Countering the Counterfeit Problem in Ecommerce

Reading time: 3 min 23 sec | A global effort is required at this moment to combat the same through anti-counterfeiting trade agreements and blocking of fake websites, sellers and fraudulent digital advertisements and piracy in general of goods sold online. It is indeed necessary to be sure that the goods we are buying online…
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software for ecommerce sellers

Software for every Ecommerce Seller

Reading time: 4min 19sec | By using the right software, an ecommerce seller can manage the technical parts of hosting a store, can have a commanding multichannel presence and sell on marketplaces as well as social media, have a mobile app, customizable check out options, set up email alerts for customers, get in-depth analysis and…
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Coronavirus, COVID-19

The Effect of Coronavirus on Cross Border Trade

Reading Time: 4min 35sec | Many of the large companies of China are seeking loans to survive the impact of the coronavirus and Investment Bank Nomura’s analysts feel that the virus has indeed had “a devastating impact” on the economy and ‘appear to be significantly underestimating the extent of disruption’… indeed a worrisome scenario for…
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product reviews

The Importance of Product Reviews

Reading time: 4min 5sec | Industry stalwarts at Vdezi feel that a seller needs to ask himself how well prepared he is to handle customer reviews which are an integral part of any ecommerce business and provide actionable insights to bolster growth. It is an ongoing process of any online business to implement incremental changes.…
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Outsourcing- empower- business

How outsourcing empowers your international ecommerce

Reading time: 3 min 58 sec | E-Marketer further feels that “To reap the benefits of this forecast, ecommerce companies have to ensure that they meet the changing requirements of customers across markets.” To do this effectively one needs to outsource parts of their business perhaps to an IT solution provider. These solution providers can…
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Green Consumerism

Green Consumerism Trends to affect Sales

Read-time: 3min 34sec. Manufacturers and sellers all over the world must adopt recycle and reuse policies to retain customers because environmentally responsible trends are fast catching up amongst them and millennials are the harbingers of change. A shift in consciousness amongst people, thanks to the worldwide campaigns by Governmental and non Governmental organizations and individuals…
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Ecommerce legal formalities

Ecommerce Marketplaces and Legal Formalities

Read-time: 3 min 44 sec. So have all your documents in order before venturing to sell on ecommerce marketplaces. If your business is legally compliant you can sell on ecommerce marketplaces without any hassle. You may also use Artificial Intelligence-based business automation platforms like Vdezi for consolidated control over your Payment Reconciliation and a detailed…
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B2B ecommerce

Adapting to trending B2B Ecommerce best practices with an eye on the Future

Read-time: 4 min 11 sec. At Vdezi, we help to broaden the scope of ecommerce with pioneering solutions that help to redesign your ecommerce business and give it a new lease of life by accessing global marketplaces and seamlessly integrating your business across all channels of sales on a single platform to facilitate real-time smart…
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mobile commerce

The Future of Mobile-Ecommerce

Read-time: 4 minutes.  Intelligent retailers and companies design their mobile apps in such a way that clients get an innovative and personalized experience across all channels of sales so that they will transact and shop more using mobile devices. The future of this ultra-competitive mobile ecommerce market is bright and innovation is the key to…
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Top 5 Ways to Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Loyalty

They say the Customer is King because he is at the centre of your business. It pays to groom him to be a loyal customer who will give lifetime value to your company and bring in business and add value by spreading the awareness about your product or brand. If there is no customer, there…
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