Optimizing Your Supply Chain For E-commerce Era

Live Session with – Ayushi Agarwal (Supply Chain Head,Vdezi)

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24th March 2020

2:30 pm to 3:00 pm

About This Webinar

In the age of eCommerce, to paraphrase a classic television ad, the modern supply chain “is not your father’s industry.”The era when warehouses and distribution centers stood as large, staid structures designed to simply meet the demand created by sales from America’s retailers, has evolved into a complex technological infrastructure servicing today’s rapidly expanding ecommerce space. The rapid growth of eCommerce has drastically changed the global marketplace. Simply put: these days, online consumers are far more demanding than those in previous eras, and both retailers–and the logistics sector servicing those demands–are scrambling to adjust to the new landscape of online consumerism and modern supply chain management trends in eCommerce

In this webinar, you will learn the key compliance elements of importing, classification, valuation, country of origin duty payment and record keeping. Learn also how to decipher those cryptic forms you have to deal with.

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Speaker: Ayushi Agarwal| Head – Partnership, Logistics & Supply-Chain Management 

Key Takeaways:

Optimizing your supply chain for the e-commerce era
Choosing the right technology for supply-chain
Aligning with your customer’s demands
Automation Optimization Trends for E-commerce Retailers
Upcoming business trends that will impact your supply chain

How Vdezi can help you optimise your supply chain for the e-commerce era

That’s not all! You can directly interact with our experts live and get to know more about Supply Chain management in this coming era.

Who must join?

• Existing sellers using Vdezi platforms
• Curious online sellers who want to learn about supply chain logistics
• Ecommerce sellers looking for Supply Chain Management Solutions
• New sellers looking for shipping solutions

Join this interactive conversation with Ayushi, Logistics & Supply Chain head at Vdezi, to get live answers to your most pressing questions about your logistics in our “Live Interactive Session” webinar

About Ayushi Agarwal

Ayushi is a Logistics and Supply Chain expert with experience in leading global projects for SME's, large brands and enterprises. She heads Supply chain and Logistics at Eunimart where she helps businesses manage their fulfilment and logistics operations. She previously worked as a consultant at Deloitte and is passionate about technology, digital commerce & Supply chain Management. Her areas of specialization include cross-border operations and global strategic management.