The Major Challenges Of Cross-border e-Commerce

Live Session with – Afreen Jahan (Marketplace Manager,Vdezi)

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31st March 2020

2:30 pm to 3:00 pm

About This Webinar

Consumers are always savvy when making comparisons of services and products sold online. At times, they search for items sold outside their countries for them to get the best offers. It is the duty of online merchants to ensure that their enterprises have the capacity of selling and delivering items globally.

Cross-border e-commerce is gaining critical acclaim as consumers opt for better deals and online merchants expand their services to other nations.

Presenter: Afreen Jahan | Head – Marketplace Management Vdezi.

Key Takeaways:

• Inconsistency of legal & tax regulations

• Legal limitations to sale

• Payment method & Processing of International Payments

• Reverse Logistics or Returns Management

• Currencies and many more!

Just remember there is no silver bullet for getting to start your internationally selling. Put your back into don’t be afraid to do experiment.

That’s not all! You can directly interact with our experts live and get to know more about ” Challenges Of Cross-Border Ecommerce ” 

Who must join?

• Existing sellers using Vdezi platforms
• Curious online sellers who want to learn about ecommerce marketplaces
• Ecommerce sellers looking to learn about International possibilities
• All innovative minds who believe they can contribute within the ever changing ecommerce landscape

Join this interactive conversation with Priyanka Singh, Marketplace Manager and Junior Product Manager at Vdezi, to get live answers to your most pressing questions about your sales in our “Live Interactive Session” webinar

About Afreen Jahan

 This is Afreen Jahan, Market Place Executive who like to publicize all her works to the people around and spread knowledge.
Afreen is specialised in: Specialized in B2C e-Commerce, Market Place, Data Research, Speaking, Artist, acquiring the best results in every work she does.