Month: October 2020

Predictive Sales Analysis to help your Sales Strategy

Predictive sales analysis to help your sales strategy Predictive sales analysis is the method of using data from past events and analysing it to predict future outcomes. Predictive Sales will have a huge positive impact on a business and can be done with the use of powerful and effective software that is capable of analysing…
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Bonanza Marketplace

How to sell successfully on Bonanza marketplace

How to sell successfully on Bonanza marketplace Bonanza is a rapidly developing marketplace that is popular for its simplicity and transparency. Sellers can sell here in any category just by setting up a booth and listing their products. Headquartered in Seattle, USA Bonanza has seen a mind boggling growth in recent times in the online…
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How to Prepare your Business for Cross border eCommerce

How to Prepare your Business for Cross border eCommerce Considering that cross border ecommerce is set to take up 20% of all online retail sales by 2022 according to Forrester, it is indeed lucrative and intelligent to think of taking your business cross border now. Whatever you may be selling; whatever your business-size, it is…
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Amazon Great indian festival sale

Top 7 Tips to Sell on Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

The most exciting sale of the year is here; so far, nearly 5000 sellers have sold worth 10 lakh rupees. With numbers of Amazon sellers are rising day-by-day, the sale is set to increase. The market is highly rewarding and profitable for the ones who have the right selling strategies. This is your chance to…
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