Month: May 2020

new tech

New technology has made selling more fun and easy!

Reading time: 5 min 13 sec |   Digitization seems to be the mantra for success today and it has led to the successful management of different market conditions and optimizing seamless delivery systems by integrating technology into supply chain management and logistics. Part of the process of adopting new tech to make selling more fun…
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Sell Successfully on Amazon

Sell successfully on Amazon

Read time: 3 min 45 sec As a seller on Amazon, you have access to a massive audience of shoppers but the benefit continues only through consistent delivery on your part. Shoppers flock to Amazon because of the numerous benefits that they enjoy. It also has a large selection of products to choose from with…
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custom packaging

Custom Packaging for a personalised experience influencing brand loyalty

Reading time: 4 min 9 sec About 33% of the customers who made frequent online purchases from marketplaces like Amazon, revealed that they form a notion about the quality of the product by looking at the packaging even before opening the box.   If you still have not personalized your product for your customers, you…
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